Sue Dranchak, Artist

 Alaska & Arizona
Sue Dranchak's (Dran-chak) art career began during her college years at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, where she graduated in the spring of 2001 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting. While attending college, she resided in a rustic, one room cabin just west of Fairbanks in an area known as Gold Hill. It was here that she learned the value of simplicity and developed a strong relationship with her surroundings and nature.

Sue arrived in Arizona in the winter of 2006 to explore the Sonoran Desert region. She currently maintains a home and art studio in Anchorage, Alaska and in Phoenix, Arizona and works seasonally in each location.

Sue's artwork is an expression of her connection with the natural environment of both of her residences, and her adventurous spirit.

Sue Dranchak is a self represented artist and wholesale distributor of printed art products made from her own original acrylic paintings. She currently resides part time in Alaska and part time in Arizona with a studio in each location. Although she has a connection and a relationship with each of these areas, Alaska remains her main source of inspiration.

"It's an interesting situation. I like to travel and I enjoy meeting the challenges that each environment has to offer. Travelling between such extreme and diverse geographical regions has kept me from getting into a rut, pushed me beyond my own boundaries and helped me to grow as an artist and an individual."   ~ Sue Dranchak

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