Barrel Cactus #19 - Original  12"x12"

Barrel Cactus #19 - Original 12"x12"

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Barrel cactus #19 


Cactus flowers represent warmth and protection. They are symbolic of maternal love and the ability to survive and prosper in a harsh and unforgiving environment.

Original acrylic painting on canvas. Presented in a floating style, poplar wood frame with a natural finish. Wired on the back and ready to hang on your wall.

Painting (canvas) 12” x 12” x .75
Frame (outer dimensions) 14” x 14” x 1" 

The barrel cactus is native to the Sonoran Desert region. They heavily populate the desert wilderness and are a popular choice for residential landscapes. The barrel cactus is an ongoing theme that I often visit in my artwork and I have created several variations of this theme. See more in the Original Paintings section of my shop.

"Barrel cactus #19" - Original art created and produced entirely by Sue Dranchak, Artist/Owner Dranchak Studio LLC. All rights reserved