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Barrel Cactus #9 - Original

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Barrel Cactus #9



Original acrylic painting on canvas

30" x 30" x .75"  painting size (canvas size)

31.5" x 31.5" x .75" frame size (outer dimensions of frame)

Stylish and unique, this original acrylic painting will be a great addition to your living space. The painting is framed in a floating style frame with a natural finish. Wired on the back and ready to hang. 

For the background I chose a pure Venetian red (red oxide) to create a natural earthy feel with a warm kind of a 'brick red' look. As you can tell from the video it was an afterthought. I had originally wanted a neutral background color but it just wasn't working form me. Venetian red was very popular choice during the Renaissance era and can be seen in many Italian paintings from that time.

The Barrel cactus is an ongoing theme that I often explore with paint. See more of my Desert Garden Collection. ~ Sue Dranchak