Sue Dranchak

Sue Dranchak, Artist

My artwork reflects my reaction to the natural world - I enjoy exploring the visual elements provided by nature and playing with color and shape to create emotion and expression. Choosing the path and life of a professional Artist has not always been easy but it has always felt right. I absolutely love to make art and I love sharing my art with you. 

Sue Dranchak pursued her passion for art during her college years at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. She graduated in 2001 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Painting. During her time in college, she lived in a one-room cabin where she developed a close relationship with nature, which has been a driving force and a central theme in her art ever since.

Sue worked for the Alaska Railroad as a freight handler and later as an equipment operator for the State of Alaska to pay for college and support herself. During the off-season, she painted and sold her artwork at several galleries in the Fairbanks area. Her paintings were initially inspired by the boreal forest environment of her northern home and the diverse wildlife of Alaska's wilderness. In the early 2000s, Sue began traveling outside of Alaska to explore new regions and gain more exposure for her artwork. Eventually, she settled in Phoenix, Arizona, where she established a second home and studio. In 2009, Sue started working on a new series of paintings called "Desert Garden," which was inspired by the wide variety of botanicals found in the Sonoran Desert Region. Currently, Sue maintains a home-based art studio in Phoenix, Arizona, and Poulsbo, Washington, and resides and works seasonally in each location.

You can meet Sue and experience her artwork in person at a variety of awesome outdoor art festivals. Check out her EVENTS page to see where she is showing next. Sue is also represented by the Thunderbird Artists Gallery located in Carefree, Arizona. 

"I love to travel and enjoy meeting the challenges that each environment new has to offer. Traveling between such extreme and diverse geographical locations has kept me from getting into an artistic rut, pushed me beyond my own boundaries and helped me to grow as an artist and an individual." ~ Sue Dranchak