Saguaro 139 - Original  12"x16"

Saguaro 139 - Original 12"x16"

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Saguaro #139


Cactus represent strength and protection and are symbolic of the ability to survive and prosper in a harsh and unforgiving environment. 

My "Saguaro" series of original acrylic paints was inspired by the giant saguaro cacti that dominate the Sonoran Desert region. They are easily on of the most recognizable cactus in the desert. My favorite time to observe the saguaro is when they are bursting with blooms in the early spring months.

This vibrant and warm painting will add a nice touch of southwestern sophistication and contemporary style to your living space or office

Original acrylic painting on canvas, framed in a floating style frame with a natural finish, wired on the back and ready to hang on your wall.

Painting size (canvas size)   12" x 16" x .75"

Frame size/outer dimensions  14" x 18" x 1" 

Blooming Saguaro #139 - Original art created and produced entirely by Sue Dranchak, Artist/Owner Dranchak Studio LLC. All rights reserved